Lawn Care Planning Tips for Your Grand Junction Home

Grand Junction, Colorado Lawn Care Services

Keeping a healthy and attractive lawn is the goal of most every Grand Junction homeowner. As you probably already well know, a lot is involved with lawn care, so it’s essential to have a good plan in place. Neglect the landscape for only one week, and the neglect will start to show.

The following tips from our Grand Junction lawn care company will help you to plan a program of caring for your yard during this winter time of year to ensure a good spring growing season. Make sure you take care of these lawn care tasks every year to help your Grand Junction landscape thrive!

Planning Your Lawn Care Program

Remember that lawn care has to be done all year long. There are regular lawn chores to do, true, but then there are some seasonal tasks that must be done for your lawn care as well. Planning the fertilization and weed control program that works for you is crucial.

As a seasonal part of maintenance, cleaning up your yard will get rid of all the rotting organic matter and the issues it causes. With the right maintenance throughout the year, the grass and other parts of the landscape will stay in shape and will be prepared for another healthy growing season. Here are a few tips:

  • Twice per year, you will want to fertilize the lawn and treat the grass for pests.
  • Apply mulch to shrub beds and flower beds in the spring and fall season.
  • Remove and dispose of yard debris after every season.
  • Mow the grass regularly but don’t cut the blades shorter than 2″ so that there is no moisture loss.
  • Dethatch the grass yearly before fertilizing.
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed of overgrowth.
  • Take care of ornamental pruning at the proper time of year according to the species of the ornamental trees or shrubs and what they need.

Don’t Want To Deal With The Lawn Care Yourself?

Mesa Turf Masters, LLC is a professional Grand Junction lawn care company that offers quality services to help you maintain your landscape. We can come to provide service regularly as you need it throughout the seasons and can help you to determine the schedule that will work best.

We can help you maintain a stunningly healthy lawn, help you take care of the bushes and trees, handle the fertilization and weed control, install an irrigation system, and handle other services you don’t want to do yourself.