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An expert starting up an irrigation system in the spring using the irrigation system's control panel in Fruita, CO.

Irrigation Startup Service in the Greater Grand Junction Area

Get your irrigation system back to full speed in the spring with our irrigation startup service. 

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Irrigation Startups in & Around Grand Junction, Fruita &Palisade, CO

Our irrigation startups will ensure your irrigation system is up and running after the winter season.

A sprinkler is watering a healthy lawn after a startup in Grand Junction, CO.

With the dry climate in Colorado, you'll want to ensure your grass and plants receive the proper amount of water throughout the year. Because of this, it's crucial to ensure your irrigation system is up and running in the spring! That's where our irrigation startup service comes in. This service involves turning on your irrigation system after the winter and ensuring that every part of it is working properly.

If our team finds faulty components that need a minor repair, we can address the issue on-site. For larger repairs, we will schedule another visit so our team can fix the issue and keep your irrigation system working perfectly. We offer this service as early as March 1st but make sure that we schedule our visit after the threat of a late freeze has passed. If you own a property in Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, or nearby areas in Colorado and you want to keep your irrigation system in top shape this spring, call us at (970) 434-5440 to schedule our irrigation startup service.

Our irrigation startup involves thoroughly checking your irrigation system.

A professional is doing a thorough check of an irrigation system during a startup near Palisade, CO.

The primary aim of our irrigation startup is to get your irrigation system back up and running after the winter. Here at Mesa Turf Masters, we will make sure your irrigation system is in tip-top condition in the spring by carefully turning on your irrigation system and thoroughly checking that every component is working the way it should be. Your valves, pipes, timers, sprinkler heads, and controllers are some of the many parts of your irrigation system that have to be checked. Irrigation startups are also the perfect chance to check if each zone on your property is receiving enough water to keep your vegetation hydrated.

When do we offer our irrigation startup service?

When spring sets in, you'll want to make sure your irrigation system can accomplish the job of providing enough water to your grass and plants. That's why we offer our irrigation startup service as early as March 1st! Our team performs startups during this time because we like to stay ahead of the ball and detect any issues with your irrigation system sooner rather than later.

When scheduling our irrigation startups, our team takes into consideration the weather conditions in Colorado. A late freeze can happen, and we don't want that damaging your pipes! When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will perform our irrigation startups after the threat of winter frost has passed to prevent any damage to your irrigation system.

Whether you use city water or ditch water, you can schedule our irrigation startups!

We can make small repairs during our irrigation startup visit.

The pipes of an irrigation system is being repaired during an anual startup in Grand Junction, CO.

Our irrigation startup service is designed to locate possible damage or issues your irrigation system might have developed during the winter and ensure it gets back up safely in the spring. When our irrigation technicians find small issues during our irrigation startup visit, we can address them on-site! However, we can also schedule another visit if an issue is more complexd and requires more time to fix.

Get your irrigation system ready for the new growing season. Call us today to schedule our irrigation startup service!

As your lawn and plants come out of winter dormancy in the spring, so should your irrigation system! Our team at Mesa Turf Masters can get your irrigation system ready for the new growing season with our irrigation startup service. We offer this service to properties in Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, CO, and nearby areas. Our team has been helping area property owners with their irrigation needs since 1992. Give us a call at (970) 434-5440 to schedule your irrigation startup service today!