Everyone's dream lawn is healthy, lush, and green, but achieving that starts at its roots. Fortunately, that's where organic root treatments come in! These treatments are necessary for your turf's success, as they consist of organic materials that increase microbial activity in the soil, improving its overall structure and uptake of resources, such as nutrients, sunlight, water, and oxygen. As a result, they encourage the growth of stronger, more robust root systems, bolstering the overall health of your grass. To reap consistent benefits and turn your dream lawn into a reality, you will want to apply organic root treatments three times during the growing season here in Colorado.

Organic Root Treatments Will Increase Microbial Activity in the Soil

If you want to boast a healthy, beautiful lawn, organic root treatments are necessary. These treatments contain organic materials that serve as food for the microorganisms in the soil, increasing microbial activity. When this happens, it improves the overall soil structure, remedying compaction and making resources like nutrients, sunlight, water, and oxygen more easily accessible to the roots of your grass. With improved air circulation, sunlight penetration, water retention, and nutrient uptake, your lawn will become greener and have a better chance of naturally fighting off stressors like drought, diseases, and insects.

Organic Root Treatments Will Help Your Lawn Grow Stronger, More Robust Root Systems

As the name implies, organic root treatments will help your lawn grow stronger, more robust root systems. After all, the breaking up of compacted soil gives the roots more space for growth and allows for deeper resource penetration, encouraging them to extend further into the ground. With healthier, more expansive root systems comes equally healthy grass since they're the foundation that provides vital nutrients and resources to your lawn.

How often should you apply organic root treatments?

Consistency is the key to your lawn's success, so you will want to apply organic root treatments three times during the growing season. When you do, you continue stimulating microbial activity, which keeps the soil in top condition and the roots as healthy as possible. These benefits will also help your lawn withstand changing weather conditions, especially when it becomes dry and hot during the summer. This is because it has an already strengthened foundation, plus improved water retention, allowing it to stay hydrated for longer. That way, you can boast lush, healthy, green grass year-round!

Combining organic root treatments with fertilization will allow your lawn to maximize these applications and absorb all the nutrients it needs to become its best.

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