Preserving your ash trees from the threats of lilac ash borers is paramount. These invasive insects feed underneath the bark of your trees and pose a danger to them by inducing dieback and weakening their overall health. The best way to deal with lilac ash borers is with bark drenches or trunk injections. However, to ensure proper application and successful results from these treatments, you'll want to hire pros to apply them. Pros have extensive knowledge of these pests and know how to properly administer their products to save the ash trees on your property in Colorado from these damaging pests.

What are lilac ash borers, and what damage can they cause to your ash trees?

Lilac ash borers are invasive, wood-boring insects that pose a threat to ash trees. The adult moths will lay their eggs on the bark of the host tree, and the larvae tunnel beneath the bark where they feed. Most of this activity occurs in the lower portion of tree trunks and branches, and you may notice small holes around this area. When lilac ash borers extensively tunnel, it can severely weaken your trees, causing dieback and making limbs more susceptible to breaking.

Lilac ash borers are commonly mistaken for emerald ash borers, but they aren't the same and cause different damage to ash trees.

What are the most effective measures against lilac ash borers?

To protect your ash trees from the destructive impact of lilac ash borers, you need to take action. The two most effective methods for dealing with these pests are bark drenches and trunk injections. Bark drenches involve applying an insecticide to the base of the tree. Then, the insecticide is absorbed by the tree and ingested by the borers as they feed.

Trunk injections are another powerful technique. In this method, a specialized insecticide is injected directly into the tree's vascular system. This ensures that the insecticide is distributed throughout the tree, targeting the borers and effectively eliminating them. Both methods have proven to be successful in preventing and treating lilac ash borer infestations.

Hire pros to apply treatments for lilac ash borers to ensure the best results for your ash trees.

When it comes to safeguarding your ash trees from lilac ash borers, it's crucial to hire professionals. While DIY solutions might seem easy enough, effective treatment requires a deep understanding of the pest, the right application techniques, and the appropriate insecticides. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to accurately assess the extent of the infestation and apply treatments that will yield the best results. They'll also utilize effective, high-quality products proven effective against lilac ash borers and administer them properly. Entrusting your ash trees to their care significantly increases the likelihood of successful treatment and long-term preservation.

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