Soil compaction is a common problem that aeration can solve. It’s by far one of the leading causes of poor lawn health and soil erosion issues in Grand Junction. Compacted soil restricts the absorption of water into the ground, which in turn directly affects the health of the turf.

When our Grand Junction lawn care specialists apply liquid aeration to the lawn, the product expands and creates microscopic channels that allow water and nutrients to get readily absorbed into the soil.

The channels also supply oxygen to the roots and provide them with a place to expand. The improved water and oxygen penetration create a healthier environment for the grassroots to grow and thrive.

Liquid Aeration – The Best Option In Grand Junction

Mechanical aeration takes a long time to do by hand. Unfortunately, it will only last about a month or so and then must be redone.

Ask our Grand Junction lawn care company about our liquid aeration with SoilTech instead of over-paying for the mechanical process. The fluid application covers almost 97% more area than mechanical methods. We won’t need to reapply it every month, only annually or bi-annually.

  • Lasts Longer
  • Requires Fewer Applications Per Year
  • Covers More Area
  • Faster Application

Why Aeration and Seeding Are Important

It’s essential to make sure the soil on your Grand Junction property doesn’t get too compacted over time. As the grass grows, the root system can get so thick, and the earth so compact that the grass starts to die.

Thick thatch chokes off the oxygen and nutrient supply from the earth, so it’s essential to aerate the root system when the turf grows too thick and the soil gets compacted. Aerating removes thatch and breaks up compaction so that the roots can breathe.

Seeding the bare dirt areas of your property helps to prevent soil erosion and gives your lawn a more uniform-looking grass coverage with no bare patches.