Tips on Finding a Good Lawn Care Company

Grand Junction, Colorado Landscaping Services

It’s easy to get in a rut when the tedious lawn care chores begin after winter is over in Grand Junction. As the seasons change and local homeowners need a lawn care company to provide services, it’s essential to make sure the lawn care contractor is ready to handle it all.

Even if you’re a homeowner who’s trusted someone for basic lawn service, it doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing to improve and maintain the health of your landscape. It’s easy to get comfortable knowing that someone is taking care of the property, but are they really? Are there signs you’re missing that indicate you need to find a new lawn care company?

  • Bare ground areas spot the landscape
  • Grass only takes root in certain areas
  • There are patches or large areas of brown grass
  • The thatch of the grass is too thick
  • Your shrubs or trees look wilted or unhealthy
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs don’t bloom
  • Noxious weeds are taking over your lawn
  • Your lawn and plants aren’t getting enough water
  • Insect infestations are invading your home

Your Grand Junction lawn care company may be missing the mark when it comes to ensuring your turf, shrubs, and trees are healthy. When looking for someone to trust, find out if they can offer you the following services.

Your Lawn Care Company Offers Fertilization To Prevent Disease and Insect Infestations

Always remember that healthy topsoil helps your lawn turf and shrubs to resist disease and recover from insect infestations. Fertilization during the right times and seasons will help to enrich the soil, which in turn decreases the chance that the turf is taken over by disease or insect infestations over the coming months. Lawn fertilizing is especially essential to do during the fall since there will be months of the ground lying dormant before the spring season application.

Your Lawn Care Company Gets Active With Lawn Pest Control

If you do currently have a grub, aphid, or other insect problem, it’s vital to be active now with a program of lawn pest control. If you don’t really stay up to date on how to treat all the different lawn insects and what to use to manage them, your lawn care company should be able to explain what you need.

Your Lawn Care Company Provides Comprehensive Weed Control Services

Your lawn care company should use a weed-specific and climate-specific strategy of weed control. They need to target different species of unwanted wild plants and know what it takes to get rid of them for good! They should know the climate and plants common in the area well and possess the training and knowledge on how to prevent and protect all areas of your landscape from invasive weeds.

No matter who you call or whether you do it yourself, your lawn care plan should include fertilization, insect treatments, and weed control. With the right solutions, you should be able to enjoy owning a lush, green lawn all year long!